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ZiggyStarnuts comments on Facebook paid £4,327 of UK corporation tax in 2014


Yup, self-employed here and I paid more tax. Absolute bullshit that they're allowed to get away with this, and it's even more annoying that we're always fobbed off with the same excuses of "something is being done" to prevent it from happening again. Facebook paid no tax in the UK prior to 2014, and now they've paid just £4,327 into the system. Think of how much money this country has missed out on from them in those years.

Meanwhile, the media's too busy telling us to focus our attention on immigrants and benefits claimants, making out like they're the source of our financial problems despite them being little more than a drop in the bucket compared to shit the millionaires and billionaires pull on us. We're being taught to hate downwards, and it's fucking despicable.

Facebook paid £4,327 of UK corporation tax in 2014

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