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I'm not reading that crap! Summarize it in one word... ~Futurama Bender DIDN'T READ LOL gif

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Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook have created an Internet full of people who want one word summaries.

tl;dr of this image is tl;dr ... How's that for self reference?

Beyonce Didn't read LOL!

Beyonce Didn't Read LOL gif


didnt read lol


light saber didnt read LOL gif Imgur

DIDN'T READ darth vader gif

storm troopers didnt read LOL gif Imgur

Elmo didnt read LOL gif Imgur

guitar rock didnt read LOL gif Imgur

didnt read LOL gif car side

didnt read lol gif family guy peter griffin madonna ray of light Imgur

didnt read lol gif george w bush Imgur

purple jumpsuit dance didn't read lol haters gonna hate gif imgur

Often? Always!!

The subject made no difference: in all cases, the summaries worked better. When students were given the same amount of time with each—twenty to thirty minutes—they learned more from the summaries than they did from the chapters. This was true whether the students were tested twenty minutes after they read the material or one year later. In either case, those who read the summaries recalled more than those who read the chapters.

tl;dr cat meme TLDR

TLDR TL DR gif too long didnt read Imgur

I came here to laugh not to read meme schwarzenegger simpsons Imgur

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