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You won't believe what's hiding inside this former beauty queen's stomach

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Well, this was more useful than bagel foreheads.



What the...?

The abdomen in question belongs to former "Mrs. Idaho" Jamie Hilton. Back in June, Hilton was involved in a devastating accident, and had to undergo emergency brain surgery. In the process, her doctors removed 25% of her skull so that her severely swollen brain would have room to return to its normal size. Fully intending to reattach the skull fragment later, Hilton's doctors stowed it away inside her stomach, where her body would keep it nourished until she was ready to have it reattached.

Really? Inside her stomach?!

I didn't know we could do that. We're like kangaroos.

Seems a little primitive too though.

You have a better place for storing a skull piece?

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