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6 animals beloved by crazy drug lords: It's a zoo out there | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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"Tigers are the purrfect pet for a privately stocked zoo. They share all the ferocious features of the lion but are a little more solitary than their feline cousins, something a sensitive drug lord can appreciate (because he doesn't have real friends)."

It's sad how much of Mexico is now owned by drug lords.

And yes, crazy that this is how wildlife ends up in Mexico:

Federal drug enforcement agencies have been busy in recent decades as the drug war exploded in countries like Mexico. Large parts of the country are effectively in the control of drug barons, giving them the confidence to build grand and large. A private zoo plays to the vanity of high-level drug dealer — what better way to show your dominance than with cages full of lions, jaguars and tigers in the backyard? A tiger is infinitely more impressive than a gold-plated 9 mm handgun.

And they still have better medical care than we do and manage to use the metric system. Sigh.

Something worth aspiring to, Soyeun!

Not the drug lording, the medical care...

Ha ha!

Well, if you really want to, you can also aspire to drug lording.

Your organizational skills could take you very far. :)

You know what they say--the #1 rule is to not sample the product! Which I would not do so hey, I'm ahead!

My menagerie of animals would include every type of dog. Or just like 50 Jindos.

Have 50 Jindos ever been assembled in one place before?

. . . not yet . . .

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