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Walking Dead s6e3 "Thank You" gifs and memes

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Is Glenn really dead? Unclear. We will have to wait and see.

Or, you know, not. As soon as Glenn’s head hit the ground, geysers of blood blocking our view of his body, and entrails of unknown origin beginning to be gobbled, the Internet entered super-sleuth mode, inspecting suggestive set photos, parsing Comic-Con comments, counting upcoming credits, and dissecting Steven Yeun’s absence from Talking Dead, where the actors who play recently killed characters traditionally take one last lap on Chris Hardwick’s couch.

If Glenn is alive — despite the sad music, the walkie-talkie callback to the premiere, and the often-fatal show of compassion for another character — his non-death would be The Walking Dead’s most memorable misdirect since Judith’s bloody baby carrier. Maybe he’ll crawl under that Dumpster, smear himself with the guts of one of the walkers he shot, and lurch away whistling. Maybe he’ll bide his time until his undead assailants are distracted by the next unforeseen crimp in Rick’s FUBAR plan to free the black-and-white walkers from Pleasantville. Maybe Morgan and his Non-Lethal Suppression Staff will clear out the alley like Neo beating up Agents Smith. This wouldn’t be the first time Glenn has survived being surrounded by walkers with no easy way out.

We won’t know until next week, or more likely the week after, if Episode 4 is in fact 90 minutes of Morgan. Until then, we’ll wait and wonder whether we’d rather watch a Walking Dead without Glenn or a Walking Dead in which someone survives the above photo.

Option A would deprive us of a likable character, albeit one who’s spent most of his screen time on supply runs. Option B would force us to question everything 70 episodes have taught us about the odds of survival after being buried beneath a writhing pile of the undead. Neither outcome belongs to a world we want to live in. But if The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that the world only gets worse.

Until Gimple clears up the confusion, Glenn is only as gone as Jon Snow. And frankly, it feels wrong to focus on someone who’s still MIA when we should be mourning the five souls whose innards we definitely saw on Sunday. So while we keep candles burning for Glenn and Rick, who’s nursing a nasty wound from a walker’s face-knife, let’s take a moment to remember five fallen citizens of Night Vale–esque Alexandria, where the population is whatever-we-feel-like-this-week and any unfamiliar faces have “been there the whole time, just quite busy.”

More speculation:

Throwback to s1e1:

Walking Dead Glenn Rick dumbass meme twd s1e1 imgur hey you dumbass in the tank are you cozy in there

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