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The only way shown to drive Medicare costs down, and why it wasn't adopted...

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95% of Medicare spending goes to patients with at least one chronic condition, and 80% goes to the elderly with 5 or more chronic conditions. So you would think that a gigantic, powerful health insurer that is highly specialized in chronic conditions among the elderly would want to understand how to manage those conditions in the most humane, cost-effective way possible -- but you would be wrong, because it turns out that doctors and hospitals make all their money from ACUTE care. Ezra Klein writes a powerful piece about the only program that was ever shown to improve health outcomes AND save money -- but which never became the model for how the elderly need to receive healthcare in this country basically because it saved too much money.

That story really showcases the misaligned incentives in the U.S. healthcare complex. 

The profit motive in our healthcare system is too powerful. 

It destroys good systems that would save money.

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