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This Is The Lazy Way To Stop Procrastinating, Backed By Research

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Here’s how the Hunger Games can help you stop procrastinating:

  • Find something you absolutely love or can’t do without. 
  • Give control of it to a friend. When you do the task, you get it.
  • For an extra boost, authorize them to toss it (or part of it) if you don’t follow through.

In the end it’s simple and it’s something you can use in many, many areas of your life:

Just tie every “want” to a “should.”

Want that audiobook? Use “temptation bundling” to tie it to going to the gym. Want that candy? You only get it when you complete that report.

But how do you stop this from being article 5,498 you’ve read on procrastination but never actually followed through with?

Email a friend right now. 

Share this post with them and tell them your plan. “If I don’t do _____ by Friday, don’t let me have ____.”

You can win the Hunger Games — or whatever it is you need to complete. Just send that email right now, Katniss.

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