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Meet Bella and her really really Great Dane George the Service Dog

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One of the most huggable dogs I've ever seen.

Great Danes are amazing dogs. Even tempered, patient, intelligent, and extremely empathetic. I have had the honor of having a few as family members. Their short lifespan though can be a difficult thing, and that transition from healthy active dogs to their difficult autumn years happens in a blink of an eye.

so wonderful.  reminds me of the story of heidi.

I'm not familiar with the story of Heidi. 

heidi's optimism and joy is so boundless, she helps heal her friend, clara, who was unable to walk from the emotional trauma of losing her mother.

So the lesson is that we can get far with optimism and joy?

Love my Great Danes!

Stacy, cool! Tell me a story about your Great Danes please. 

Stanley Blue of Rottingham was my first Great Dane. We rescued him from a situation that left him with surgical staples and a shivering fear of humans. It didn't take long to transform him into my most spoiled dog. One blue eye, one brown eye and a harlequin coat that would never have gotten him a best in show with the AKC. 

There's a restaurant in western Kentucky that makes the best pecan pie. The best I've ever eaten, and I love pie. My husband brought one of those pies home one chilly day in December. I made a cup of coffee and warmed up a piece of pie. As I took my last bite, I had decided to indulge in a second piece of pie. I got into the kitchen just in time to catch Stanley eating the last bite of the remaining pie! That was my first lesson in not leaving anything on the kitchen counter that I didn't want eaten. Pizza, pie, grilled chicken, over the years my Danes have stolen a few things off the counter or out of the cabinet. That was also the time I realized Stanley had decided to trust us enough to steal an entire pie, without fear. He was given the honorary title of "The Best One Out There" that still stands today. 

Aww, I love that story that Stanley trusted you enough to steal your pie! Adorable!!

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