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What is your best kitchen advice?

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Some seriously great kitchen advices.

Any favorites?

Scraping ginger and adding cheese rinds to soups.  Yours?


Associate Editor Niki suggested this one and it might sound like the most obvious one on the list. But let me tell you something: back when I use to work for Cook's Illustrated magazine, part of our interview process for new hires was to have them cook through recipes. Their only task was to read the recipe and follow it exactly as written. You wouldn't believe the number of folks who would start cooking before reading through every step only to find that they were missing a tool they needed at a time sensitive juncture, or that they hadn't divided ingredients properly.

"When prepping ingredients for a recipe, check to see when things are added collectively and combine them ahead of time—saves stress and dishes," says Niki. "Same when thinking about the order of things that you're cooking—can you use the same cutting board if you cut veggies before chicken? Do you REALLY need to have two pans going at once, or can the processes be combined? etc."

Oh yes, this is a great one! I am myself guilty sometimes of jumping into first steps of a recipe without figuring out the whole process.

Good point. It's a thoughtful reminder to be more thoughtful at the beginning. :)

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