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Pink fairy armadillo digging gif

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The other day I found out 'armadillo' in German is Gürteltiere (belt beast) or Panzerschwein (tank pig). As you were.

Looks like a cross between a hedgehog and an anteater to me!

Panzerschwein!!  So adding this to my list of nonsensical endearments!

If only I could remember how to spell it. 

You just have to be able to pronounce it.  "Good morning, my beloved panzerschwein!  Would you like some pickled pangolin?"

Aww. Pangolin is friend not food!

hahaha!  true datt!

i'll bet the pangolin and the armadillo are friends.  eeeeeeek!  book idea!!!  :)

guten morgen meine panzerschwein!!!

I think that would be the very first book with panzerschwein in the title!

Pink fairy armadillo digging gif:

Imgur comments:

pink fairy armadillo cute meme imgur

Thanks for the leprosy, little buddy!

Pink armadillos aren't contagious, are they?

No, but it's always good to raise awareness about armadillos in general.

Pink Fairy Armadillos are more threatened than threat:

Due to its subterranean lifestyle, the armadillo is forced to leave its burrows when heavy storms roll in due to the threat of drowning and the risk of wetting its fur. If its fur is wet the armadillo cannot properly thermoregulateand could experience hypothermia during night hours. Once above ground during a rainstorm the armadillo is subject to an array of predators, which can easily get to it since it is not able to burrow back to safety. Domestic dogs have also greatly preyed on these armadillos.

The animals face domestic dogs and cats that forage in their burrows as well as wild boars doing the same.[13] These armadillos also do not do well in captivity. The survival rate is so low that many will die just through transport from where the armadillo was captured to the new area of captivity.[14]Armadillos that are put into captivity typically do not last longer than a few hours or 8 days. In fact, not a single specimen has survived more than 4 years.[15] Which is also a great indicators as to why these species are not good to be kept as pets. Yet many continue to illegally sell them in the black market.[16]These armadillos are very susceptible to climate changes as well; since they inhabit temperate and warm regions, cold temperatures could wipe out its population due to their low metabolism rate and the lack of fat it is able to store.[17] [18] Habitat loss is also a large issue for these species. As the numbers of acres converted to farmland increases, the armadillo's burrows not only get plowed over, but the land is no longer habitable for them. Lastly, the use of pesticides on farmlands is a huge concern because these pesticides adhere to ants, which are the armadillo's primary source of food. If the armadillo ingests enough of these pesticide-infested ants it can be quite detrimental to its health.The over hunting of these animals have contributed to their endangerment. Many in the Americas continue to hunt armadillos for consumption, which is said to be similar to pork by its texturally and taste wise.[14] [17]

Well, that's super sobering and sad!  Hang tough, Pink Fairy!

Disney or Pixar needs to make a movie about them.

Or Emily could feature them in a book...

yes yes yes!!!!!

Dream team:  Pangolin / Pink Fairy Shrimp

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