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Stephen Colbert invited the amazing Acro-Cats cat circus onto the Late Show. Adorable laziness ensued.

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OMG super cute!

The intersection of cats and Stephen Colbert seems tailor-made for our brave new internet world. And yet it's somehow taken all this time — three whole months! — for the late-night host to feature performing cats doing tricks.

Okay, that last sentence should feature a whole bunch of scare quotes, particularly around "performing" and "tricks." Because this appearance by the Acro-Cats — a trained cat circus out of Chicago that promotes the adoption of rescue cats and kittens — is much more about a group of felines being pretty sure what their trainers want them to do and then steadfastly ignoring those instructions, while Colbert cavorts around, cat ears atop his head, performing the tricks the kitties are loath to execute.

I like how you filed this under "Best Videos". 

Best video I've seen today! :)

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