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Nobody took Christian McCaffrey seriously and now he can't be stopped

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Besides being a great profile of the presumed Heisman candidate Christian McCaffrey, this lengthy article shows why there are no more white running backs in the NFL. Basically the system thinks they are too slow or not tough enough, and converts them to slot-receivers.

I'm a believer. 

Welcome to my 2016 Fantasy Football lineup, Mr McCaffrey.

It's where talented people go to be frustrated. :)

I think you mean "where talented people go to be INJURED".

True that. Btw, the article had me until they compared him to Shonn Greene. 

Shaw’s plan for McCaffrey coming into the season was to get him at least 20-25 touches per game, which he’s hit in all but the opener. Watch McCaffrey closely and you see a patient runner who can find even a small crease, hit it, bend back and then fly.

“Losing that body fat goes a long way,” Turley said. “Just the way gravity affects your body, he’s able to put more force in the ground with every step he takes and create more speed and power.”

McCaffrey’s position coach, Lance Taylor, spent four seasons in the NFL before joining Shaw’s staff last season.

“I’ve been around some great running backs -- Shonn Greene in New York, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart in Carolina,” he said. “All of those guys are great running backs, but I wouldn’t say all of those guys are great at multiple things. Christian is probably the best guy I’ve ever been around in terms of, anything you ask him to do, he does it well.”

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