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Rosemary, Ginger, and Grapefruit Simple Syrup

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Just made a batch of this for holiday gifts. An ounce of this with any kind of liquor, plus ice and club soda, takes the edge off those awkward holiday gatherings! Add some of the aromatics to your drink for extra flavor and fun!

I bet those three flavors play well together in the syrup. Mix with Bourbon?

This recipe is not super well thought through, and the photo makes things MORE confusing not less. For one thing, they use a TRIVIAL amount of ginger -- I amped it up quite a bit. Then they call for "12 sprigs" of rosemary... how big is a sprig?!?! That thing in the photo is more like a BRANCH of rosemary (I decided to go for like 1-inch sprigs). "Gently" bruising fresh rosemary and ginger with a spoon will accomplish nothing, just skip it. And finally they suggest you use the syrup in a recipe for a holiday Old Fashioned with a piece of the grapefruit peel as garnish -- but the recipe only calls for one single solitary 2-inch strip of peel in each container. The photo has like 6 big ones. I went for 6.

The end result is delightful with bourbon, vodka, or even gin! And club soda, of course.

I appreciate your improvements. 

Is it rare for a syrup to be a mixer for bourbon, vodka, OR gin?

Sounds like it would be good with just club soda. 

This has been officially declared the cocktail mix of the year by all who have tasted it! The longer you let it sit, the better it seems to get.

Is there a reason sitting it makes it better?

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