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Kelly Slater Wave: The Best Man-Made Wave Ever

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"I don’t know what to say, and frankly, it’s not worth wasting time reading. Watch the video immediately. To sum up: Kelly Slater Wave Company did it. They made the dream wave we’ve all imagined wave pools could produce and…oh for god’s sake, there’ll be more analysis later. Stop reading and just watch this."Read more at

Woah. One step closer to virtual reality waves being... More real. :)

I've been tracking wave pool technology for two decades.

They have a wavegarden style technology they are using. 

So... Better than virtual reality waves?

It's not huge, it's not pretty, but it's consistent ;)

Isn't consistency the most important thing?

Speechless :-)

I can finally nail my backside tube riding :-)

So you'll go visit this wave sometime? :)

If I knew where it was....

Surfer Mag says Fresno.

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