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mrs claus vs mary poppins rap battle

i am loving these rap battles!!!

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Best one since Snow White vs Elsa!

The woman who makes the Princess rap battles Whitney Avalon is very good. 

And I don't believe she's connected to the Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube channel. 

Do you think I should make a rap battles stash or is the Epic stash good enough?

your epic stash is epic!!!  still, one dedicated to rap battles would be awesome.  

whitney avalon is great.  i love her "never seen breaking bad" video. :)

I had not seen her Breaking Bad video until now. Sweet!

How about Moses vs Santa Claus?

so unfair to have to rap battle against snoop!!!

Snoop seems too mellow to rap battle hard. It would be unfair to battle against Eminem!

true.  that would be nearly impossible.  still, when snoop got to the sleeping/peeping rhymes i could tell he'd put in his 10,000 hours!

No number of hours would ever make me as good as him at that!

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