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Xen Interest Exchange is a different take on personalization.

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I think this idea has merits:

Xen was built to turn interests into a portable currency that consumers can take with them as they navigate the Web, dolling out access where and how they see fit. The concept is certainly interesting, and the early interface is slick and likely to continue improving, but neither assure that consumers will be any more apt to flock to personalization technology.

Consumers can take control of their interest graph.

And the subsequent resulting online personalization:

“Most [Web consumers] are surprised to find what their favorite sites actually know about them, says Martin. “They are often surprised that it’s not an accurate reflection of who they really are. We’ve found that only a fraction of the information aggregated from social networks is accurate and ends up being added to a Xen user’s profile.”

The goal of a customizable, portable interest graph is for each consumer to proactively let brands and publishers know their preferences, so that interactions become more targeted, interesting, and meaningful.

If it's fun, consumers will go for it.

If not, then this will not last long.

I guess this is tantamount to liberating the LIKE out of Facebook?

I like time shifted, interest currency.

Does any such currency exist?

Lol, it did at one time!

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