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The Most Popular Tumblr Post Of All Time...

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It's illiterate and conveys very little emotion.

It has no GIF.

It is... the most popular Tumblr post in the world:

It’s impossible to follow all the past permutations; with Tumblr’s reblog system I can see everybody who has touched the post but cannot link directly to their edits, so much of this is lost in the archives of millions of Tumblogs. It’s also impossible to keep up with the pace of its proliferation at this point (the post has gained over 1000 notes since I took the above screenshot).

With some sleuthing, I did manage to find a few other entries, including the following:

  • Reblog if you are a wizard or a witch

  • Reblog if you love Tumblr

  • barack obama sucks pass it on

  • Be a part of a 7 million note post

Tumblr. Where illiteracy is rewarded with lots of hearts and reblogs.

Growth hack on Tumblr: Keep it simple. The simpler, the better.

What makes us share?

The effortless ability to make something our own.

in an environment we like, too. eg tumblr PW twitter

I'm still surprised Mitt Romney sucks pass it on was passed around Tumblr 8 million times.

Someone will pay lots of money for Tumblr one day.

Someone like who?


So AOL was the wrong company but Yahoo! and AOL are close (pats self on back to feel better)

AOL couldn't afford Tumblr, or you might have been right.

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