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Faith Dickey, a girl walking with high heels on the rope...

In the rain too, but it looks fake to me once she loses her balance, Photoshop?

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Why would she wear heels on a rope? Just to see if it could be done?

Here's more of her footage:

These are some good little films, well put together, good music :)  The longer version looked more real, the shorter with her huge wobble looked fake.  The wobble seems to be her trademark ;) and what a great name!

Her name is Faith Dickey, she's a 25 year old daredevil, and apparently it is real:

Here she is breaking a record:

Faith Dickey gave a TED Talk on deciphering fear from intuition:

And here is her website:

Great detective work finding all this info on this mysterious daredevil!  Thanks :)

You're very welcome Janill. She's a fascinating person!

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