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For freelancers, getting stiffed is part of the job. Some in New York City want to fix it.

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If all of us are potentially moving to the "gig economy", the law needs to catch up to systemic issues which might cause too much friction.

His point is freelancers should not do work without a contract. 

Ever since that day, regardless of how soon a job is or my relationship with the client, I refuse to begin work without a signed contract on the books.

Nonpayment is about companies taking advantage of individuals - because they think they can. How far are you willing to let it go? Show your support by joining the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign. 

I would also add working on a retainer basis with an initial payment before work begins, especially where the relationships are strongest.. those are the ones most likely to slip through... 

How does working on retainer work?

You get paid every time period whether there's work or not?

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