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Slivki Show Cat Lighting Up 10,000 Sparklers At Once

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I love the eyes on Slivki cat. 

Kids: Do not try the 10,000 Sparklers experiment at home!

Top Reddit comment:

TIL that cats can "look Russian."

Who knew?!

Followed by "Cyka blyat"

I didn't get that joke. :)

I thought it was fake Russian for cat.  :)

OMG, real Russian for cat is challenging!

This is the rule for me:

If you would like to call the cat using diminutive form (like Jake for Jakeson or Liz/Lisa/Beth for Elizabeth), you can use 'koshechka' (кошечка) for female and 'kotik' (котик) for male.

  • For 'koshechka', you pronounce it like 'k' as in 'kind', 'o' as in 'boy', 'sh' as in 'shun', 'ech' as in 'witch', and 'ka' and 'card'.
  • For 'kotik', you pronounce the 'k' as in 'kind', 'o' as in 'boy', 't' as in 'team', and 'ik' as in 'seek'.

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