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The Terrible Beauty of Brain Surgery

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Norwegian literary sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard sits in on two "awake" brain surgeries that were performed by the celebrated British surgeon (and acclaimed author in his own right) Henry Marsh. Having had open brain surgery myself, the idea of being kept awake while a team digs around in the grey matter is... fascinatingly disturbing.

yes, what a strange ordeal. 

Is there a benefit to keeping someone awake during brain surgery?

Because you're right, I find the concept unsettling. 

possibility of knowing that you are doing something wrong during the surgery as opposed to hoping patient wakes up afterward?

Would the patient be able to tell you anything though?

I'd imagine the patient would still be not fully awake.

Wow, way to read the article Panda. The two patients had a form of brain tumor that is interlaced with brain tissue and looks/feels almost exactly like it. They had to be awake because the surgeons need to touch their brains with probes and see the results to judge when to stop digging.

Comprehension was not my strong suit. 

Ah, ok. They're awake enough to tell you how they feel.

Still unsettling but less unsettling than having a tumor.

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