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How Different Cultures Around the World Deal With Emotion and Conflict

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Strange map putting the U.S. in the center. 

And how is it that the U.S. gets to be in the business version of the Goldilocks zone — not too confrontational, not too conflict-averse; not too cold, but not overly emotional either? Perhaps, from another perspective — say, Korea — Americans are very expressive and confrontational. Could it be that this diagram shares a defect with the earliest world maps: The cartographers unwittingly reveal their origins by placing themselves at the centre of the map?

This map found here at the Harvard Business Review website. The magazine's December issue is dedicated to the finer (and softer) points of business negotiation. 

And UK right across from it.  The Emotionally Unexpressive Confrontational is interesting.

Interesting how?

I just never thought that someone could be confrontational while being unexpressive.

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