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How Stories Deceive

"When a fact is plausible, we still need to test it. When a story is plausible, we often assume it’s true."

"She wouldn’t speak. As more evidence poured in, she started communicating with short notes—in English. But her steadfast refusal to let the ruse go entirely prompted a second psychological evaluation. The girl might not be who she said, but she did not seem mentally all there. Still, a subsequent professional evaluation gave her a clean bill of mental health".

How Stories Deceive - The New Yorker

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Even in the best case a story is being told from a point of view.

As opposed to science, which is repeatable truth, but not necessarily a good story.

You're right, Adam. A cancer patient telling how their family's been affected compared to giving cancer statistics on a family. I don't think GoFundMe ever had anything set up because of science.

Not yet, at least. 

Where science meets storytelling seems like an interesting area.

Like Neil degrasse Tyson's Cosmos. 

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