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Do not underestimate the Russian military.

Do not underestimate the Russian military Intersection


Russia’s electronic warfare strategy in Ukraine is one example of this. According to a recent article in Foreign Policy, after Russian electronic warfare equipment began arriving in Ukraine, Ukrainian troops noticed a problem: their phones and radios were unusable for hours at a time, essentially cutting off units’ ability to communicate with each other. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) also felt the effect of Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities. On at least three separate occasions the OSCE reported its monitoring drones were subjected to military-grade electronic warfare while flying over territory controlled by the Russian-supported separatists. In each case, they were rendered blind and forced to end their missions.

Russia’s use of electronic warfare in Ukraine represents just the tip of the iceberg:

  • In Syria, Russia’s Krasukha-4 - a jamming system mounted on a simple four axle military truck – shields Russian forces from NATO spying, and is reportedly able to neutralize the United States’ low-Earth orbit (LEO) spy satellite.
  • Russia's Richag-AV radar jamming system fits on helicopters, ships and other military equipment and is reportedly capable of jamming an adversary’s advanced weapons systems as far as several hundred kilometers away. 
  • Russia is also developing a new electronic warfare system which it claims could disable American cruise missiles and other advanced precision guided weaponry employed by the United States’ Military.  

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Thanks for the reminder. I will not underestimate the Russian military. 

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