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How to Spend Less So You Can Afford to Save More

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I'm thinking a lot about Kevin Drum today. He is one of the strangely few big-name political commentators to emerge from California -- a liberal from Orange County, no less! He also recently announced that he is suffering from Stage III multiple myeloma (super sucky bone cancer) and, at age 57, doesn't think he'll be around to collect Social Security. So his money-saving tips are extra poignant right now. I hope he never skimped on things important to him to fully fund his 401K. :/

Very poignant. Another piece of evidence that one size does not fit all when it comes to health and money planning.

Wishing the best for your ill friend. And as a former publicly chair for the South Orange County Democratic Club, under the auspices of the CA State Party, I can relate to living the OC challenge.

Is the OC challenge more about cost of living or politics of living?

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