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Tian Tian National Zoo Panda in the Snow, Blizzard 2016

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Tian Tian loves the snow!

Snow.... and pie! Today (1/23) is National Pie Day. Happy Pandas!

happy pi day panda hula hoop meme imgur

I had no idea it was national pie day.

I'm just thankful pandas aren't cold in the snow:

If you're concerned that he might be cold, zookeepers would like you to know that giant pandas have thick fur, and their native habitat in China features cold and snowy winters.

If you're just concerned about how many ways you can share this video with every snow-obsessed person you know, the National Zoo also tweeted out the footage.

Dedicated panda-watchers will remember that last year, the zoo posted video of Bao Bao, Tian Tian's daughter, experiencing snow for the first time.

And this year, a few days before the big storm hit, Tian Tian's son Bei Bei saw his first flakes.

Bei Bei, the newest panda cub at the zoo, was less exuberant than his big sister and his father.

The first San Diego Zoo Chinese giant panda exhibit was a packed sell-out from day one. The morning after it was to close, I saw in the paper that it was extended. I grabbed the kids from school and we had the best time. No lines, no waiting. Up close and personal. Beautiful, beautiful creatures.

It wouldn't surprise me if the pandas are still the most popular exhibit in the San Diego Zoo. 

"Have you ever been so excited you had to bite your own foot?"

Hilarious comment. No, I've never been that excited. 

I have to visit this stash at least once weekly.  

I know! So funny!

Since November 8, daily.

Wow, why so much? Because it's your happy place?


And then there's this dog. 

Reddit comments:

"He was just going to put his boots on."

Haha it should have been a simple plan. :)

Or something else...

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