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Baby sloths eat carrot breakfast...

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I see gluttony and greed above but no sloth.

I guess this is time-lapsed 20 minutes?

I like big sloths and I cannot lie.

cute sloth yawning gif

Time for a nap.

chill sloth deal with it gif

Now it seems sloth-y.

Deal with it!

Sloth and gluttony go hand in hand.

sloth gluttony meme

How gluttonous can you be with carrots?


sloth eating carrot breakfast gif


Captain Kirk wants a carrot, too!

captain kirk eats carrot gif Imgur

This is PERFECT!  PERFECT. Not good for promoting carrot eating but otherwise just magnificent!

Hedgehogs, bunnies, and hamsters all love carrots, too.

baby bunny eating carrot gif

hedgehog eating carrot gif

hamster carrot gif reverse

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