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Kate Beckinsale Ginger Photobomb

Kate Beckinsale hot red carpet redhead ginger photobomb short skirt tight dress meme pic Imgur RHM

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Technically he's not photobombing her since he's just one of several people in the background watching her.

Still, this image is on several top 10 celebrity photobomb lists.

Kate Beckinsale - Imgur

Old photo of Kate Beckinsdale - sexy legs! - Imgur

Kate Beckinsale-Classy - Imgur

Kate Beckinsale guitar hot legs - Imgur

Kate Beckinsale dat lip bite - Imgur

Kate Beckinsale. - Imgur

Kate Beckinsale - Imgur

i don't get how imgur has the /r/gentlemanboner as well as the link to the reddit comments, as automated things.

For any subreddit if you submit an image or gif with an Imgur link it also gets crossposted to Imgur at -- with a link to the actual reddit page as the "source".

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