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Selfie String aka Centriphone: This skier ties his iPhone to some threads and swings it over his head, while skiing.

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Damn, it loops amazingly:

1300 Reddit comments, one of which calls this a selfiedrone:

Very cool, like the soundtrack, and the slow speed.  I'd be curious to see the phone, seems like it had a parachute or something like that, that would help it stay aloft.

I was wondering how he did that! A parachute makes sense. Thanks for solving that mystery!

He needs you to know it that it wasn't just a "phone experiment," it was an "iPhone experiment".

He couldn't do this with just any phone. Took him a lot of experimenting to get the iPhone to do this.

Not just any phone can be swung around on a string?

Not just any phone can be swung that way and still take a video that looks good.

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