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LinkedIn – why I’m tuning out, by Rachel Kemp

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Future of LinkedIn: "Long gone are the days when I got great unique messages from connections, saw interesting and relevant posts in my newsfeed and received multiple comments on my posts of real value. "

Seems like success is its own worst enemy.

Not success, but success in a way that encourages generic messages in the name of socializing.

Here's her resolution:

So where to from here? I can’t walk away from the biggest professional network as I do get results from it! To not lose my mind online and get the most out of a reduced quality network, I’ve resolved to do the following:

1. Continue to answer all my direct messages, but to respond to the generic ones with a generic response cut and pasted.

2. Never send a generic message through the mobile app (note: I’ve never sent one to this day!)

3. Continue to block all the spam and inappropriate accounts.

4. Increase my investment of time with LinkedIn on sourcing, engaging with valuable connections and interesting content and decrease my investment of time with the rest.

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