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Slender towers rise to dizzying heights on NYC skyline

So far, the thinnest of all is the recently completed apartment tower at 432 Park Ave. The stark white pillar, just south of Central Park, is 1,396 feet tall, but each side is only about 93 feet wide.

That's higher than the Empire State Building, but only as wide as the length of a basketball court.

Plans are in place for another tower just a few blocks away that could be the skinniest skyscraper in the world. The tower, at 111 W. 57th St., would be about 1,400 feet tall and under 60 feet wide.

Slender towers rise to dizzying heights on NYC skyline - Yahoo News

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Is there a good reason to make a skyscraper skinny other than owning very little land?

"Good" is completely subjective. "Prices in these buildings are expected to be as sky-high as the views. A three-bedroom apartment at 432 Park Ave. is currently listing for $17.75 million. A penthouse is listed for $75.5 million". Will skinny buildings, with fewer units, be held to rent-control/low-income accommodations to get building permits, as are the traditional sized?

Not necessarily. Sometimes smaller is considered more exclusive. 

And geez those prices are outrageous. 

More corner units.  :)

I did not even consider that but it makes a lot of sense, Geege. 

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