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Megan Hine: the woman who helps keep Bear Grylls safe

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If you've ever watched a Bear Grylls show you can sense the mountains of prep work that must have been done ahead of time to make his wilderness adventures seem effortless. Now meet one of the women who makes it happen.

She's all about reducing risk:

"There isn’t a place for macho style in survival because that sort of behaviour gets you killed."


Hine tests out whether stunts on survival shows will work. “We go away and make sure we can make it happen. If we can’t do it how the production team want it, we have to find a way around it and I love that creativity: trying never to say no, always trying to make it safe, but make it epic. We’ve got to make sure that if we’ve got a crew going through an area, that it’s as safe as we can make it.” This can involve clearing snakes, or testing the stability of rocks to abseil down.

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