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36 year-old DESTROYS 29-year-old millennial who “ripped” 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired… — Listen To My Story — Medium

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Rebuttal for a rebuttal:

"Because the more important question; the thing Talia’s piece is actually ABOUT, is that it should be criminal for billion dollar companies to pay minimum wage at the current rate; especially if they deign to set up their office in a place where the cost of living is high. It’s good that Yelp is moving those jobs somewhere rent is cheap. But the damage for them is done, and fuck them for not consulting PR before kneejerk-firing their minions. All of their advertising, all of their public image down to their incredibly ugly 90s logo: All of it has been undone by one honest post describing how they treat their lowest level employees. That speaks volumes to me about what kind of company they are. Talia even included the good things that company was doing, such as offering her kinda-affordable healthcare or providing snacks at work. Bay Area companies are notorious for having figured out that offering their lowest level employees bells and whistles is a wonderfully cost effective smokescreen for what they actually pay human beings."

I wonder how much this incident actually cost Yelp. 

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