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How To Negotiate Salary: 5 Secrets Backed By Research

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More information always helps. 

Here’s what Adam had to say about how to negotiate salary:

  • Have an alternative and know what your market value is: Preparation is what wins negotiations.
  • Use a “Power Prime”: Take a moment to think about a time you felt powerful and you’ll act more powerful.
  • Use perspective taking, not empathy: Understand their needs but don’t feel their needs.
  • If you have good information, always make the first offer: Get anchoring on your side. Use precise numbers.
  • Giving them options can help: Try giving a range or multiple offers you’d be happy with.

Where should you start? If you do nothing else, what’s the single most important thing to do before your salary negotiation?

Know what other people are getting in as much detail as possible. Information truly is power in this case. Here’s Adam:

Be prepared so when you go into a negotiation you know what questions they’re going to ask, you know what other people are getting paid, how fast other people get bonuses, all these other pieces of information that are essential.

Negotiating salary doesn’t have to be hard. Do your research, feel powerful, use perspective taking, offer them options and don’t forget to make the first offer so you can drop a good anchor.

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