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Welcome To The Post-Work Economy

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Brisk, breezy intro to what a path to life without full-time work might look like. Can't wait!

I like the word PRECARIAT.

"Universal basic income" (UBI) -- where the state gives everyone enough to live on -- would put a floor under the class of people we're calling the "precariat," people for whom work doesn't lead to increased financial security. 

It would free us from the bullshit, allowing everyone to benefit from automation, not just the lucky few.


A basic income is key in a non-market economy. It's what allows people to volunteer at nonprofit businesses, set up food co-ops, or design something using a 3-D design module. It wouldn't stop people from working—those with well-paying, satisfying jobs would continue to do them—but it would stop people from having to do things that machines can do more easily and more safely.

The biggest challenges to introducing UBI are political and cultural

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