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Why it’s time for a Trump revolution...

Why it s time for a Trump revolution New York Post


"My gut tells me much of the contempt for Trump reflects contempt for his working-class white support. It is one prejudice gentry liberals and gentry conservatives share.

It is perhaps the last acceptable bigotry, and you can see it expressed on any primetime TV program. The insults don’t all seem good-natured to me. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, surrounded by the kind of people supporting Trump, and I sympathize with their worsening plight.

For generations, they went all in for the American dream. Their families fought the wars, worked in the factories, taught school, coached Little League and built a middle-class culture. Now they are abandoned and know it.

Nobody speaks for them. The left speaks for the unions, the poor and the nonwhite, even shedding tears for illegal immigrants and rioters and looters. The GOP speaks for the Chamber of Commerce, big business and Wall Street."

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Might as well Trump. :)

I see the point of the article. 

Trump has clearly tapped into something a lot of Americans are feeling.

The only point of the article I object to is the racial aspect.  The "whiteness" of working class middle america is incidental. IME, non-white working class families which are multi-generationally American have internalized the same values as their white neighbors, provided their fathers and grandfathers had access to a living wage employment.

Right, it's a class thing, not a race thing.

... as is Trump Derangement Syndrome. However, I endorse TDS just as much as I endorse Trump.  I firmly believe it would be a GOOD thing for the GOP to split apart over Trump.  Regionalization of American politics would start throwing elections into the House of Representatives, _which is what the framers actually expected would be the norm_, where a coalition of small and less populated states can dominate the larger, urbanized states, and permanently cripple the idea of political 'mandates' for POTUSes, ending the Imperial Presidency.

How ironic, since Trump would probably be an imperial president too, given what he has said. 

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