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My Year in Startup Hell at Hubspot

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Sad? "Another thing I’m learning in my new job is that while people still refer to this business as the “tech industry,” in truth it is no longer really about technology at all. “You don’t get rewarded for creating great technology, not anymore,” says a friend of mine who has worked in tech since the 1980s, a former investment banker who now advises startups. “It’s all about the business model. The market pays you to have a company that scales quickly. It’s all about getting big fast. Don’t be profitable, just get big.”"

Big and profitable is still preferable to big and unprofitable.  

Also, it is better to be healthy but rich rather than sick but poor :). But here the presentation is the key.

Yes, it is key.

And yes healthy and anything is far preferable to sick and anything. 

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