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The Plan to Make California Wet By Spreading Beavers Up and Down the State

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It's very cool how crises are bringing out these creative ideas from scientists. Also: some headline writer might have had a little too much coffee this morning.

I like the beaver based solution! And yes, that headline, sheesh. 

According to a story in Water Deeply, a group of ecologists have a plan to help repopulate the Central Coast of California with Castor canadensis, the large beavers which once roamed the state in great numbers. (Not to be confused with their ancestors, giant beavers that were seven feet long.) The idea is that beavers are nature’s hydrologists, engineering the way that water travels through the landscape:

“Beavers aren’t actually creating more water, but they are altering how it flows, which creates benefits through the ecosystem,” says Michael Pollock, an ecosystems analyst and beaver specialist at the National Marine Fisheries Service Northwest Science

Beavers are nature's hydrologists!

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