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Opinion Pages Room For Debate: ”Should a Jail Record Be an Employer’s First Impression?"

The Obama administration has joined the “ban the box” movement, ordering federal agencies to eliminate job applications that have people check off whether they have a criminal history, and not asking about it until other qualifications have been reviewed. Twenty-one states and about 100 localitiesforbid this for either public agencies or private businesses. But critics say employers have the right to know of an applicant’s criminal record up front. What’s the best approach?

Should a Jail Record Be an Employer's First Impression? - Room for Debate -

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Complex issue. There's no approach that's best for everyone, as these debaters show. 

Nah, there's enough crooks in Government.  There's also no sense wasting time on an candidate that you later aren't going to be able to hire, or in most cases shouldn't hire.  If you have a felony, I think you pretty much lose your right to own a gun, vote on public officials or policy, or hold a position of trust for the public.  

Forever? Or should there be a way to earn back those privileges?

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