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Megacities, not nations, are the world’s dominant, enduring social structures...

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"Within many emerging markets such as Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and Indonesia, the leading commercial hub or financial center accounts for at least one-third or more of national GDP. In the UK, London accounts for almost half Britain’s GDP. And in America, the Boston-New York-Washington corridor and greater Los Angeles together combine for about one-third of America’s GDP."

Actually I notice they include San Francisco as part of Los Angeles in the pic above. 

Those cities are 450 miles apart. 

But it's still an interesting point. 

Boston-New York-Washington are not exactly close either.  But I agree, LA-SF seems far-fetched currently, what with the whole of Central Valley in between, and don't get me started on Coalinga! 

I'm not even sure what Coalinga is. :)

Lucky you :) It is a very smelly patch on hwy 5, where the industrial farming is very close.

Oh wow. I'd think being out in the open would dissipate the smell!

It is so bad, you need to switch your car's air intake to internal. 

Oh, that's really really bad!

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