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The Danger of Celebritizing Entrepreneurship - Max Marmer - Harvard Business Review

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I agree with some of the premise of the article, but...nobody outside startup land knows who any of the "celebrity" entrepreneurs are. I mean, Gates, Zuck, Jobs -- those are the tech entrepreneurs who have been mainstream.

I think the article itself is a reflection of the insular nature of the community; if one spends time with folks outside Tech, one would realize that almost everything gets a reality TV show these days (seen "Breaking Amish or "Long Island Medium?" and the evidence of a few TV programs is not in of itself enough to prove a trend, other than the one that states Americans will watch almost anything on TV....

The Social Network was popular because it was well-written and because of the uber popularity of Facebook, which again, is unrelated to the startup community as a whole.

I used to criticize "meaningless" apps, until you witness the progression of almost every entrepreneur ever who started building small things and progressed to bigger things. Basically, like anyone ever in any profession, :)

People know who Mark Cuban is.

But yeah, most people don't know the Google guys by name, and they're fairly understated compared with Gates and Jobs.

Because of the Mavericks not because of his tech...

I think my point is TV is about entertainment and a reality show is a false positive. Most people who watch Man v. wild or kitchen nightmares do not become cooks or adventurers.

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