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‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People

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Statistically speaking, the most "normal" spot in America is actually New Haven CT?!?!

At least Chicago and Philadelphia are in the top ten. Even more interesting are the states:

These misconceptions affect our politics: an outdated view of “normal America” is baked into the presidential election process. Iowa and New Hampshire, which vote first in the primary season and therefore have disproportionate influence, rank 37th and 41st, respectively, in their similarity to the U.S. overall. The states that look demographically most similar to America are Illinois and New York, followed by New Jersey, Connecticut and Virginia. (Downstate Illinois and upstate New York are worlds apart from Chicago and New York City, as native Rochesterians like me know well.) The states that look least like America are Hawaii, New Mexico, West Virginia, Maine and Vermont, along with the District of Columbia.

The Western states that are outliers are more of a vanguard, while the Eastern outliers are a rearguard. White non-Hispanics are 63% of overall Americans (~85% in the Midwest), and Blacks are located 55% in the South. Meanwhile the West is "home to 42% of Hispanic and Latino Americans, 46% of Asian Americans, 48% of American Indians and Alaska Natives, 68% of Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, 37% of the "two or more races" population (Multiracial Americans)".

It really is the case that the west is nothing like the east. 

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