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Guy completely shreds the quality of his video by downloading and uploading it over and over again, 1000 times..

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Reddit comment on how version 1000 is like someone suffering in another dimension trying to contact us:

Imagine the man is you, and that you're trapped in that dimension. Alone, confined to a pocket of the universe so far removed from your own that any familiarity you find is simply your mind's effort to cope with the unintelligible. Nothing is real. You have no form or function. You cannot help yourself. No recourse, no agency to return yourself to where you belong, you cry for help. You scream into the void with desperation and horror. You cry for rescue. You cry for death. You cry for anything.

For days, weeks, years? You yell and you cry and you ache and you despair, until eventually, someone, somehow, somewhere is but for a moment able to hear you.

But all they hear is this.

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