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Game of Thrones s6e3 "Oathbreaker" gifs and memes

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That's enough for one day. 

Ned stark tower of joy s6e3 game of thrones Oathbreaker

AV Club summary of s6e3 Oathbreaker:

What's happening with Sam:

We got our first check-in with Sam and Gilly this week, and the show’s approach to this story seems like a big question mark. We know they’re headed to Horn Hill (Gilly agrees to go live with his family in this brief scene on the boat), but the books have not gotten to this point, despite having made significant strides into Oldtown and its importance in the larger conflict. What’s confusing to me right now, and which I’d like to hear from others on, is how the pacing works on Sam’s “training” as a Maester, which the show is still framing as his ostensible goal.

Basically, the timing can’t work: Sam cannot “become a Maester to help Jon” in the amount of time he’ll have. All he can realistically do is find some piece of information that will assist the larger conflict, and that doesn’t strike me as particularly time-consuming or, necessarily, dramatic. In the books, Oldtown and the Maesters carry more significant meaning, and you can see the show trying to sketch some in (we’re reminded Qyburn was kicked out of the Citadel here), but how much time can the show realistically spend there? Can Sam’s storyline realistically function independently in the same way as Jon’s or Dany’s or Arya’s can? And if so, for how long?

Ned Stark vs Ser Arthur Payne Lightsaber gif:

Sword of the Morning looks amazing. 


Jon Snow now literally knows nothing.

That's the answer he gives Melisandre when she asks what he saw.

Olly's "death scowl" was intense! No remorse!

Yeah, that scene was much less satisfying than I hoped it would be:

What we learned about Ned tonight:

I'm just as frustrated at not getting the rest of the Tower of Joy as everyone else, but I think we learned a very important thing about Ned tonight. 

As honorable as he is, he's willing to lie to protect himself and others. Howland stabbing Arthur Dayne was incredibly dishonorable. In an honest fight Arthur would've killed Ned, but the legend prevails that he fought heroically and beat the Sword of the Morning. 

Did he do this to make himself look better, or to protect Howland Reed's honor? Is this a clue that he is willing to lie for the rest of his life about Lyanna's child? If he's lying about Jon is it really to protect his life, or is it to protect her honor? If he finds out that she left willingly does it make Robert's rebellion unjustified? Will the people turn against them? Is Ned actually a more complex character than we've given him credit for?

Source and Reddit comments:

Maybe Ned's children represent different aspects of Ned's personality. 

I like that theory Geege. 

Time for a family reunion!

You're going to like these Easter Eggs in the Arya Waif fight.

arya waif fight gif imgur Easter eggs s6e3


Theory that Bran sets the show in motion:

From S6E3, Bran realizes that others can hear him during the visions from the past, but doesn't understand that they cannot fully understand him.

He attempts to reason with King Aerys when shown a vision of him.

The King only hears whispers, and is driven mad by it.

Bran tries to fix this, however makes it worse.

Mad King Aerys burns Bran's grandfather alive while Bran frantically tries to stop him.

All he hears is whispers.

Bran sets the events of the show in motion.

Source and comments:

One particular comment:

"Littlefinger started it all. Of course, Varys was also working on his plan."

Stay too long where you don’t belong and you’ll never return.” — The Three-Eyed Raven. The Three-Eyed Raven keeps warning Bran of the dangers of warging for too long. Could this be a clue that something similar happened to Hodor? We still don’t know the story of what happened to Willas to turn him into Hodor, but Bran’s ability to warg into him certainly suggests that Hodor, too, might have once had the same ability.

“Good, now go fail again.” — Davos, whose life advice really is pragmatically glorious.

“That still you in there?” “I think so.” — Guys, Jon Snow isn’t even sure if he’s the same person. 

“I don’t care about them. Well, I do, but I don’t really.” — Sam’s explanation of how much he cares about the world’s population vs. how much he cares about the people he loves is kind of the perfect articulation of what it is like to be a member of the human race.

“I want to see what’s in the tower.” — Us, too, Bran. Us, too.

“The past is already written, the ink is dry.” — The Three-Eyed Raven to Bran. Is this true? Did Young Ned really just hear the wind, not his own future son’s voice? Or does Bran have more power than we thought possible?

Raven: “Before you leave you must learn.”  

Bran: “Learn what?” 

Raven: “Everything.”

Is anyone else getting intense Dagobah vibes from this Three-Eyed Raven/Bran situation. Bran is definitely Empire Strikes Back-era Luke Skywalker: impatient, yet also pretty selfless.

“Men can be fickle, but birds I always trust.” — Varys

The High Sparrow: “A true leader avails himself of the wisest counsel he can, and no one is wiser than the gods.” 

Tommen: “My grandfather once said something similar… except for the part about the gods.”

“Who else was on Arya Stark’s funny little list.” — The Waif. Dude, Arya’s list was not funny.

“My watch is ended.” — Jon Snow, with the best mic drop.


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