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What It Was Like To Surf The Web In The 1990â€ēs ...

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H.Q. Roosevelt has a long funny image-based description of what it was like to use the Internet in the 1990s.

LOLs include AOL, mom interrupting the session by picking up the phone, Oregon Trail, Napster giving us a virus, CD-ROM burning fail, and Microsoft's blue screen of death.


So true. That image is like the finale in the old solitaire games on MS-DOS/Win95 where the cards cascade towards the screen. I do recall a lot of inscrutable error messages from Windows. For some reason they used to try to explain to the user what had gone wrong in a file like WIN32MSCD1232_3sd4a-b.DLL, which was missing because it was a shared dependency between 4 apps and you just uninstalled 1 of them.

And you pray nothing corrupts a line in the registry or you might not be able to boot, and have to reinstall all of Windows from scratch.

LOL. This is related:

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