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Game of Thrones s6e4 "Book of the Stranger" gifs and memes

This might not even be Sansa's final form.

Sansa Stark porcelain ivory ebony steel meme Imgur s6e4 book of the stranger reached her final(?) form

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Will add more gifs and memes as I find them. 

Theory on Kings Landing end game, and the three headed dragon.

So I've got a theory on the end game for Kings Landing I thought I'd share, because it would make awesome tv. 

The alliance with the Tyrell's means they will be allowed to bring armed troops into Kings Landing, something the Lannisters would never have permitted.

My theory is that the Tyrells have a secret alliance with the faith militant, to get Margery and Lance back, and that once the soldiers are through the gate, they will turn on the Lannisters. Dorne will attack. Tommen will be poisoned (because Cercei's other children were poisoned, and it will fulfill the fortune tellers prophecy).

With her children dead, and Kings Landing under seige, Cercei will go mad. Just like Aegon, Cercei will try to give the order to light the wildfire hidden under the city, killing everyone. Just like Aegon, Jaime will be forced to kill the one he swore to protect, to protect the city from destruction. This will fulfill the fortune tellers prophesy of the volonquer (Cercei's younger brother killing her)

This would be amazing, with Kings Landing becoming chaos, Jaime becoming utterly destroyed, and the Lannisters finally ending their reign. It also leaves Westeros with no line of succession.

And now the three headed dragon theory. It's been widely speculated there needs to be three riders, to mirror the three Targaryan conquerors of Westeros, and to ride the three dragons of Danearys. Many think it will be Jon and Tyrion accompanying Danearys. I feel like they each have storylines mirroring one another, which I'll outline here:

Each are rulers in multiple instances: Jon as Lord Commander, and now king in the north, Dany as Queen of Mereen and Khal, Tyrion as hand of the King and now leader of Mereen.

Each killed their love, though Jon didn't kill Ygritte directly, his choices killed her, and he burned her body.

Each suffered enormous betrayal: Jon by his men, Tyrion by Shae, and Dany by Jorah (though I get the feeling Daario holds a devastating betrayal for her still.)

Each was "reborn": Jon is obvious, Dany in the flames, and Tyrion from his coma after his injuries at blackwater.

They mirror one another, in ways we don't see with other characters. 

Anyway, what do you think? Good? I miss something obvious?

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