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Celebrity Same Face gif

same face celebrity gif imgur Leo DiCaprio Johnny Depp Will Ferrell Arnold SchwarzeneggerbRobert Deniro Jim Carrey Christian Bale Matt Damon

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We call these same face gifs because they're all making the same face:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Will Ferrell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Deniro, Jim Carrey, Christian Bale, Matt Damon. 

Right, and thank you! Quite a variety of characters tho.

You're welcome. And yes, each of these gifs is available separately somewhere. 

(created a Same Face stash.)

Nice! Are there any individuals you'd like me to find a same face gif for?

Prince,  David Bowie...Cher!

Thanks! I thought I might have seen Bowie here as a same face.

Yeah! Now we jusr have to find Prince and Cher. 

:-) Cher = gypsy, tramp AND thief!

Sweet. I can't find a Prince one. Maybe he had them banned?


Cher same face gif imgur

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