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Imzy Is a Kinder, Gentler Reddit. If It Can Stay That Way.

I loved some of the community aspects of Reddit, but what I didn’t love was all of the strife that went on inside, and outside, of the company,” said Mr. McComas, 41. “We had serious problems with harassment.”


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So Mr. McComas decided to try building a different kind of online community with Imzy, a community site he founded last September, where people can form groups around shared interests and host discussions about anything from feminism to “Game of Thrones.” From the start, the goal was to get right the areas he believes Reddit got wrong — specifically, by ending the consistent abuse and trolling across Reddit’s many subcultures.

Not all of Reddit has abuse and trolling.

I hope Imzy is successful, too.

"What Mr. McComas and others found was that certain subjects on Reddit, such as politics, feminism or discussions of race, would almost always attract trolling commenters. That made it difficult for people to feel that Reddit was a positive place for hashing out ideas and having conversations.

Imzy tries to combat some of those issues through the site’s architecture. When someone signs up, they are directed to pick a few specific communities they want to join. That’s different from Reddit’s “front page,” which displays a smattering of different popular subforums to new users.

The idea, Mr. McComas said, is that the core, devoted members of a group are often not the ones who make a community toxic, but rather the passers-by who may stumble upon a new community and leave disparaging remarks.

Imzy users are also allowed to select only one username in each community they join, to keep trolls from creating multiple identities with which they can harass others. Individual moderators self-govern their communities, based on rules of their own making, giving each community the flexibility to set its own terms about what is and is not permissible. Other conventions, like chatting in threads and posting images, are much the same as predecessor sites."

It's a theory. We'll see.

We were able to get rid of trolls here quickly. It's the spammers we're having trouble dealing with. 

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