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Should I Invest in LendingClub or Prosper or other Marketplace Lending services?

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The short answer is: No. It's like gambling.

Therefore, based on the amount required, which, unless your net worth is greater than $4.4 million (assuming you’re trying to achieve a diversified portfolio), you can’t invest in LendingClub or Propser with sufficient rigor to determine if you’re using an appropriate investing strategy and meet my guidelines for taking a shot with your money.

Because of this, you truly are gambling. If you want to gamble and try to earn some money, then be my guest. Just understand that you’re gambling, not investing. I’m not going to beat you up as long as you stay in the guidelines, but, from my point of view, you’d be better off investing that money in one of two ways:

  1. Trying to start your own side gig to turn into a business41% of the world’s millionaires are entrepreneurs.
  2. Invest in yourself to make yourself more valuable in your job. If you can get a 10% payraise, then that will compound returns year over year; whereas, with LendingClub or Prosper, you have to continue to find loan opportunities which perform at that return rate. I know which one I think is riskier.

I posted this article to Imzy discussing whether investing in Lending Club or Prosper is worth it:

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