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As Tech Evaporates Jobs, “The Tipping Point Will Be Driverless Trucks” ...

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Driverless vehicles “will make what happened in the steel or auto industries look tiny,” says the former chief of one of America’s largest unions.

Top Reddit comments:

It's not just the jobs themselves either, but the secondary jobs, truck stops, diners, cb radio installers, fast food, the list is huge. There are some small towns that only exist because truckers stop there.


 Don't worry; cashiers are already replaced by self checkouts; now you just have to have 1 way doors; and scanners to make sure people go through them. And fast food jobs could; and will be replaced by automation as well. Soon it will just be robots driving goods to places staffed by robots; so peoples robots can go down and pick up their groceries; and bring them back. Then the robot company will give everyone in America a free robot upgrade; but one wily cop will be investigating a death at the robot company; and he'll discover that the robots are trying to take over. Luckily he'll have a rogue robot build by the robot guy to help him stop the revolution.

A person complemented with an intelligent system can write maybe ten times as much code, maybe a hundred times as much code.

An oft-cited 2013 Oxford study estimated that programmers and software engineers have just an 8% chance of automation in the next 20 years. 

Oxford study projected that 47% of all employment in the US is likely to be automated by 2030.

Others have noted that many jobs in, for example, the legal field, could also be disappearing soon.

"Chess is actually a good example," Selman said. "The programs are generally written by people who are fairly bad chess players. As a programmer, you can write a program that can do a task much better than you can."

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